About  Tuulyp Consulting

A team of growth hackers

Specializing in over 6 industry verticals, our team of interdisciplinary, international experts can help you fine-tune your bookkeeping, establish a scalable and efficient IT architecture and put financial and operational analytics at your disposal to enable your company's growth. Ask us how!

Our results measured in numbers:
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Our Mission

We started with a single mission: Help owners reach their goals

We began our company by thinking about what the "end goal" was for an entrepreneur.

For the business or businesses, is the goal about reaching a certain amount of annual revenues, customers or employees? 

From the perspective of the business owner, is the goal about achieving a sale of that business? Handing it off to the next generation? Living off dividends? How does the life cycle of an entrepreneur interact with other personal objectives? 

In order to achieve both of these sets of goals, while managing the considerable personal risk that comes along with it - a combined business & personal advisory approach is effective. That's where Tuulyp Consulting comes in.

Our Story

The story behind our Finance Agency

We believe that a bold interdisciplinary approach, focussed on what business owners really need, is the way of the future. We hope you'll agree.


Founded. 2 Team Members.

Our company was founded in the early throes of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lemons into lemonade as they say!


5 Team Members from 4 Countries.

We achieved major things in this year including: 

- Our first international financial planning clientele were established
- Many successful client projects in modelling and deal advisory for Fintech and InsureTech companies

and...great takeaways and improvements on how to hire and train great people


First things First

2022 saw us emphasize our key service of bookkeeping and financial advisory, improving our processes and capabilities and continually focusing on  consistency and reliability for our clients.

- Many projects focussed on bookkeeping and accounting cleanups
- Corporate tax and compliance was a major focus this year


Growth emerges from strong foundations

Our priorities for this year include: 

- Increased partnering and referrals with other professional services firms
- Fine tuning our packages to provide ever more value for money
- Adding to our capability to deliver integrations and support for client app ecosystems

Our Values

The core values that drive everything we do


Doing more with less sounds easy, but it often takes some disciplined, long-term investment combined with real expertise.


We use a fundamentals based approach with sound project management fundamentals.


We're not in it for a quick win, although those are nice. Most big gains are the result of patient, long-term investments in better technologies, processes and systems.

Team Work

Heroes are great in movies, but it's not how we succeed here at Tuulyp Consulting. We are collaborative, communication-centric and focussed on team based wins.

Our Offices

The power of hybrid and remote work: happy clients. happy workers.

Did we mention we're a virtual firm? Because we are! Although we're based out of beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada, we have exactly zero offices anywhere in the world and we plan to maintain a remote-centric model going forwards.


A land of incredible culture and diversity. India is the sixth largest global economy and they make our favourite cloud ERP!
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The tenth largest economy, we're international and multicultural in our outlook
(672) 513 - 8302hello@tuulyp.com


With a jewel of a capital - Buenos Aires - this country is known for its natural beauty and football greats
(672) 513 - 8302hello@tuulyp.com
Our Team

The amazing team behind Tuulyp Consulting