A radical experiment in full service bookkeeping

Bookkeeping +  financial modelling + valuation = financial peace of mind

Get valuation opinions and 3-way cash flow forecasts completed by our team of modelling & finance specialists

About Tuulyp Consulting

An extension of your accounting & CFO team

For many small and medium sized businesses, the scale just isn't there to bring an accounting function wholly in house.

We specialize in customizing our engagements to fit those aspects of your bookkeeping, virtual CFO and finance functions that are best outsourced.

Best of all, we specialize in the incredible ZOHO One ecosystem: one of the best value for money cloud ERP solutions available

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Why Tuulyp Consulting?

Why working with us?

Our clients tell us there are three reasons top why they call us...

They need an expert bookkeeping shop that can support Zoho Books.
They need premium fixed cost bookkeeping + fee-based personal planning.
They need technology support as they scale.
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Our Services

High-impact finance services to grow your startup

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Our Process

A simple, yet effective
three step process


Needs Assessment (0-1 mo)

We're big on doing client onboarding right. We do best with long-term oriented, value for money focussed, disciplined management teams who are willing to invest in building a good foundation for their bookkeeping.


Execution Plan (3-6 mo)

Our typical client needs a fair amount of bookkeeping cleanup and chart-of-accounts (COA) redesign. This isn't the place to cut corners, and it may be months of work before any proper forward looking CFO analysis can happen. This is where having a long-term focus is important.


Growth & Scale (3-6 mo+)

The reward for very strong fundamentals (monthly bookkeeping) + an informed, educated, engaged management team is that growth and scaling decisions can now be accompanied with strong predictive analytics and robust cash flow forecasting.


Hear what our amazing customers say

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"They are not interested in the quick fix, but rather long-term, in-depth solutions"

I appreciate that the team is global and experienced across a wide range of industries and applications. I can throw almost anything at them and they get back to me with great ideas and a plan of attack.

Richard S.
Apparel Startup Founder

"It's like a private banker mixed with an accountant"

After working with the Tuulyp team, I can honestly say, most advisors are just surface level. They ask a few questions, provide a basic surface and move on. Tuulyp's approach is in depth and they uncover every stone to find savings and efficiencies.

John C.
VP of InsureTech Startup

"For the price of a high quality bookkeeper, you get so much more"

It's really amazing how many services are provided to us for our monthly fees. We used to pay an arm and a leg for these services.

Serena Greene
Founder, Sustainability Consultancy
Case Studies

Not convinced? Take a look at some of our case studies

Case Studies

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We are always available for a no-committment needs assessment and diagnostic. Whether for a bookkeeping, personal financial planning, CFO analytics audit, or a technology advisory review, give us a shout!

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