Customizable Growth Toolkits

A finance + tech team to grow your company

Presenting Tuulyp Consulting - the Ultimate Growth Team, allowing you to Outsource Bookkeeping, benefit from Cash Flow Guidance
& Receive Customized Technology & Wealth Building Support

What is included in our core service offering?

Bookkeeping & management accounting advisory is at the heart of our advisory service. We tailor other services as appropriate
around this core offering.

Building Strong Fundamentals +
It's never fun to try to generate good reports from a company with a weak chart of accounts and poor quality data. Whether its a poorly designed COA, poor data flows or just bad bookkeeping, we can help.
Outsourced Bookkeeping +
It can make sense to do your own books when you're small. At a certain growth stage, and before you build in-house functionality, outsourcing can be a savvy choice. QBO. Xero. Zoho Books.
Outsourced CFO +
Many startups and growth companies need strategic, forward-looking advisory. Having a high credibility team of MBAs, CPAs and CFA charterholders can bring confidence to investors and managers/owners alike.
Leverage the Zoho One Stack+
Zoho has been quietly building a monstrously powerful tech stack to rival the Microsofts, Googles and SAPs of the world. Regardless of whether you use a lot or a little - we help implement and customize your apps to unlock maximum value.  
Combined Personal and Business Advisory +
With accredited, fee-based financial planners on the team, we model all the "what ifs" around owner comp, insurance planning, succession planning and wealth management: ensuring balance between life and business goals.

Take your business & personal to the next level of growth.

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