Ludwig Coleman

Co-Founder & Senior Technology Strategist

Voted most likely to be hiking, Ludwig will single-handedly techify your business processes.


Ludwig Coleman

As our chief technologist, Ludwig Coleman is defined by his relentless pursuit of a better way of doing things. While his chief duties include managing technology implementation projects for our clients, the reality is often less straightforward, and there are many complex challenges that don’t neatly fit into a box. Ludwig excels in marshalling skills from many different skillsets to resolve complex problems that span the fields of bookkeeping, API coding, inventory management, shipping/logistics and data science.

For example: 

  • A company needs to identify the 3d best box dimensions to maximize volume, price and reliability considerations across five different suppliers. Ludwig's completed analysis took into account past data on product types shipped and accounted for a changing product mix (each with different dimensions) going forward - allowing the company to identify the best vendor and provide the right guidance to its shipping staff on how products should be positioned in 3d space for boxes of a specific size. 
  • An eCommerce company has a third-party, customized API between Stripe and its accounting software which results in duplicate transaction records. The API also bundles transactions together, resulting in difficulty “matching” transactions of a specific type together, obscuring sales tax treatments. The custom solution fixes the duplication issue and takes advantage of automation scripts to eliminate redundancies.

Ludwig co-founded Tuulyp Consulting together with Peter Konefal in the Summer of 2020, and has eagerly taken on new and ambitious projects for the firms clients, using his initiative and wide-ranging skills to proactively identity and resolve complicated challenges. Ludwig has prior experience working in fulfilment and inventory management for a mid-size ($40MM turnover) multinational sports products company as well as retail banking with HSBC Canada. 

When not at work, Ludwig enjoys hiking the beautiful mountains of British Columbia with his partner and their gregarious German Shepherd, Chester.

Background Experience

Ludwig has completed a BA in business administration at Capilano University. He also holds the Investment Funds in Canada License (IFIC) and has completed a Certificate in Data Analytics/Date Science offered by Brainstation.