4 ways to boost your teams productivity with Miro

Collaborative white boarding is a game changer for distributed teams and clients.

4 Ways to boost your teams productivity with Miro

Here at Tuulyp Consulting, we have endeavoured to practice what we preach and try to use Zoho One for everything. It's an incredible ecosystem, a proverbial candy store of applications. And yet, every once in a while we come across an app that is so good, it is worth making an exception for. Whiteboarding is one of those things that many companies missed about the physical world as UX, design and visualization teams went fully remote over the past year.

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The 4 most important productivity hacks with Miro.

Although there are far more than 4 huge capability areas for Miro, here are the big ones for us.

  1. Internal meetings. Using a custom designed meeting template to keep the team focussed and on track.
  2. External meetings. Leveraging prepped Miro board templateswith client meetings to show concepts in real time.
  3. Collaborative drafting boards for concepts. Clients and members of the team can collaborate in real time in a single board.
  4. Project Management and task tracking. Boards can easily integrate both concepting/whiteboarding with the tracking of tasks as they occur.
“No matter where your teammates are, you can invite them to your boards and see all the changes they make in real time. You can silently follow their cursors, leave comments or join the contribution. If cursors are not representative enough, jump to a video chat session”

Distributed Teams are the norm

Distributed teams require innovative thinking in order to make progress on complex tasks. It is easy for ideas to get lost in translation. Robbed of physical context, we need as much "rich communication" context as possible to help remove ambiguity and create clarity. Teams that need to make progress on tasks in different time zones can benefit from context-rich handoffs that give them the required information they need to make progress during their working day.

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